I have had more success with Koski’s Food Fight than I have had with any other nutrition program, primarily because Steve has provided me with numerous tips and ideas on how to have small victories even when life is throwing me off course.


With this approach, instead of feeling like a failure for “messing up” and consequently losing all my motivation, I can feel like I’m still moving forward, even if it is a little more slowly.


I make decisions every day based on the tools that Steve has provided me and would recommend Koski’s Food Fight wholeheartedly to anyone looking for long-term improvement in their health and nutrition.

-Lynn Zwica, Research Consultant & Scientist, Dexter, MI    

18 months ago, I was struggling to lose weight, get into a healthy eating pattern and be disciplined.  I was working out at the Clocktower CrossFit, which is awesome - at the same time I lacked discipline and proper coaching on how to achieve my weight goals.

I signed up with Koski's Foot Fight to try something new because I had struggled with my weight for over 10 years (a job with lots of travel, business dinners did not help as well)  I started off the program, and really liked the method, the education and personal care I received when it came to achieving my goals.


Like every program everybody is very motivated at the start - what I really like about this program is that it is designed to set me up for long term success, health and the ability to have created habits that help me.

I love going to CrossFit and for sure it helped achieve my goals, at the same time I learned quick that without proper nutrition and coaching in this area I would have never achieved my goals.


Additionally, I had knee pain, the doctor told me it would be better with less weight on the knees.  I am pain free thanks to the weight loss, work out and great work of my chiropractor. 


I started at 270 pounds and currently weigh 225.  I have probably gained a good 10-15 pounds in muscle thanks to Clock Tower CrossFit workouts.  I feel great and at 50 years old I can hang with my young family (kids are 16 months, 7 and 9), feel better than I have in the last 15 years related to my fitness. Getting compliments about how I look is a bonus, and always nice to hear.  In the end it is how you feel yourself, and Koski’s Food Fight helped me achieve these goals – and more important set my up for long term success.


I am set up for lifelong success, Steve will continue to give advice, answer questions and help when needed.  I would recommend the program to anybody that is looking to set themselves up for long term success, health and happiness.

-Arco Groenenberg, Sales Executive, Chelsea, MI



Koski's has helped me to lose 15 pounds and several inches since I started in January while eating more than I ever have! I also have had more energy to complete my workouts sometimes making it to the gym 7 or 8 times in the week! It's really easy to digest and I feel like I'm learning a lot!

~Michael Bigelow, Teacher, Chicago, IL.

I have been a competitive athlete most of my life and proper nutrition has always been a challenging battle for me. I have tried countless diets, worked with multiple people, and found both success and failure along the way, including over a year of truly disordered eating. The greatest lesson I have learned through all of these experiences is that nutrition is extremely personal. What works for one person may not work for the next, which can make the process incredibly frustrating if you do not have people on your team who understand that concept. 


I have finally found the nutrition team that works with my goals, my lifestyle, and my personality. Koski's Food Fight has helped me to develop a plan that I can actually live with. I have enough freedom with what I eat that I feel balanced rather than restricted and I get the tough love and accountability when I take my freedom a little too far.  Above all, I have seen steady and maintainable results. My performance has improved (which is my main goal) and I have the added bonus of feeling more and more confident in my own body.

~Anna Rode, CrossFit Coach and Competitive Athlete, Indianapolis, Indiana