Developing better habits takes time and effort.  Are you ready to make a lifelong change?  Take the following quiz to find out:

1. How important is it for you to make some lifestyle changes?

a. Not at all. Fads come and go. This is probably one of them. 

b. It is important but I have a lot of other things going on that take priority.

c. This is very important and I am willing to make it a priority.

2. When I think about changing the foods I eat I feel:

a. Upset. I love to eat what I want when I want it.

b. Nervous. I think it will be a challenge but am willing to try.

c. Ready. New ideas might be fun.

3. Cooking at home makes me feel:

a. Upset. I don’t have time or interest.

b. Nervous. I am not sure how I fit this in on busy days.

c. Great! Cooking is fun.

4. I’m looking at nutrition programs because:

a. People keep telling me that I have to do it. 

b. To get more positive feedback on my appearance.

c. I want to feel better overall.

5. My motivation to make a change could be rated as:

a. Low. If there was a magic pill I’d be more excited about it.

b. I’m not sure I can succeed but I will try.

c. High. I’m going to do whatever it takes.

6. When I feel lethargic and tired, I believe that the reason is:

a. Not tied to any specific cause.

b. It happens as you get older.

c. Something about my lifestyle isn't meeting my body's needs.

7. How supportive are the people in your network of your desire to make a change?

a. Not supportive or focused on what I am doing wrong.

b. I think they would be supportive but I don’t want to ask anyone to go out of their way for me.  I can do this myself.

c. I have at least a few people who have my back and will help encourage me to succeed.

8. How have you prepared to make a change to your nutritional plan?

a. I clicked on this website.

b. I have an honest idea of where my weaknesses exist and have thought of a few ideas regarding what might help me succeed.

c. I’ve done some research, purchased books, and/or begun to gather some of the tools I will need to make a change.

9. If a friend or family member suggests that you won’t succeed in a nutritional program because you have not done so before or for some other reason your first reaction would be:

a. To become depressed or want to give up. Clearly they know you and if they don’t believe you can do it, they must have a point. 

b. To get angry and dismiss them. 

c. They will see my determination and progress in time. Until then I will spend more time with people who support my goal.

10. If you are presented with information on nutrition that contradicts what you believe or what you’re being told by family & friends, what do you do?

a. Ignore it and proceed with what you know to be true.

b. Ask a friend for advice.

c. Keep an open mind and see if it works for you.

Scoring: Award yourself points as follows: A = 1, B =2, C =3

10-15 points.  Do you really want to change? We all wish we could wake up with a perfect healthy body tomorrow with no time or effort required. If you took this quiz, you likely feel that there is something lacking but you may need to take a few more steps before you are ready to commit yourself to doing the work. Every year you wait, you lose the benefits that balanced nutritional habits bring and may even find it more and more difficult to overcome physical and psychological obstacles.

15-25 points: You’re almost there. You understand the need to change and probably have the motivation. What’s holding you back? Many people feel overwhelmed by the idea that change will be too much unpleasant effort for them to bear.  If this is you or you just can’t bring yourself to take that first step for another reason, seek out some people who successfully lead a healthy lifestyle.  Do they seem deprived or unhappy? Learn more about how they overcame the bumps in the road to get where they are today.  If they can do it, so can you right?

25-30 points: Congratulations! Getting to this point takes a lot of work. You’re tired of not getting results and not having energy.  Making a change is clearly important to you and you’re ready to go!