Portion SIzes

The following guidelines are a good starting place for anyone learning to balance their nutrition:



Each meal try to include two portions of protein, two portions of veggies, one to two portions of carbs (depending on your goals) and two portions of healthy fats. 



Each meal to try to include one portion of protein, one portion of veggies, one portion of carbs (depending on your goals) and one portion of healthy fats. 

An easy way to measure the portions appropriate for your body is to use the tools you carry with you everyday:


For protein, use the palm of your hand to measure.  This represents approximately one serving. 


For vegetables, use a clenched fist to measure out one serving.

Dense Carbohydrates

For dense carbs like rice, use a cupped hand to measure one serving. 


To measure fat, use your thumb from knuckle to tip. This is approximately one serving of healthy fats to include in your meals. 

Remember, this information is yours to use as a GUIDE. You can't always measure exactly.  Be mindful and do your best.