It's All About You


Nutrition information is thrown at us right and left.  We all see the commercials and the experts on the talk shows. Everyone claims to have THE solution. The fact is though that we all react differently to the foods we eat.  Our lives are all structured differently.  The way we manage stress is *wait for it* DIFFERENT.  So doesn't it make sense then that the exact balance of foods and behaviors that is right for you might need to take some of those differences into account?


Based on an assessment of your current nutritional habits and health, Steve Koski, MS, CISSN, Pn1, will develop a roadmap designed around your specific characteristics and goals. Each day, you uncover and alter the habits that are standing between you and success. 



Oversight and accountability help keep you on the right path toward forming sustainable habits.  Whether you are a businessperson, athlete, young, old, or in between, Koski’s Food Fight teaches you to:


Evaluate where are you today versus where you want to be. A strategic, multi-stage, individualized plan is the optimal way to reach a lifetime of behavioral change.


Set yourself up for success.  Having the tools and supplies in place are critical to reaching each milestone in your plan. Develop skills to overcome the temptation of old habits.


What, when, and why are important throughout the entire day to keep your system working efficiently. Establishing habitual macronutrient balance leads to self-efficacy in nutrition.