Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the program work?  

A: Each day you will receive a lesson through the MyCoach App. These lessons are designed to help you successfully implement the new habit each segment of your program will focus on. After your program has begun, the app will prompt you to "check in" each day to confirm that you've completed your habit. You have the ability to choose how to track your progress (photos, weight and/or measurements).  Your progress, lessons, and communications with Steve are all available to you in the app.  Consistently "checking in" will allow Steve to monitor your progress on a daily basis and, if you have elected the custom program, adjust your programming as needed.  If you aren't checking in consistently, expect that he'll be coming for you.

Q: Do I have to take pictures?  

A: Absolutely not. Some people like to see visual evidence of progress and others find taking photos to be extremely uncomfortable. Koski's Food Fight will never use your photos without your permission but if seeing your photos even privately creates stress for you, by all means use the other options. 


Q: What if I don't have a smartphone or don't want to use an app?

A: You may elect to use the program through email.  The app is preferred since it provides an additional layer of accountability but you are able to opt out of this if desired.


Q: Why do I need an Introductory Session for the Custom Progamming? Can't I just sign up and start? 

A: You absolutely can. However, taking the time to review your history and a small snapshot of your current habits will help Steve understand where you're starting.  Why not start at the strongest position possible? There is no extra charge. Believe it or not, you'll find that YOU are better prepared to start too. 


Q: How long will the program take?

A: Creating sustainable new habits takes time.  Some people start to see results in the first few weeks.  Others need a little more time to uncover exactly what has been working against them and to make the necessary adjustments. The basic program is designed to take 24 weeks to fully complete but since Steve is customizing to you, that may not be what works best.  Your current status, goals, and level of effort will all impact your timeline. Our goal is that once you've completed the program, you leave with the tools to manage your nutrition for the rest of your life without paying for additional help. If you hit your target and are easily maintaining after a shorter period of time, GREAT.  If you uncover an area that needs substantially more work, the best thing to do is to spend some additional time finding the best method to help you conquer it. 


*Note: If you have elected to participate in a mini program, those timelines are listed on the Program page.


Q: How can you expect for me to stay on a diet for that long? 

A: We don't.  That's the point.  This isn't about going on a restrictive diet.  You are learning to adjust your habits to meet your goals at a reasonable pace, not to live on rice cakes and air.  The goal is to never need to "go on a diet" again. 


Q: This isn't my first time on a nutrition plan. Why do I have to start at the beginning?  

A:  This is because there are so many factors that make up our individual lives. Starting at the beginning gives you a better chance of catching all of those little habits you may not be aware are working against you.  If you're an amazing rockstar in a certain area and truly need no more information, Steve will move you onto the next segment.


Q: Are you going to write a meal plan for me? 

A: No. If you're told exactly what to eat instead of learning why/how to interpret the feedback your body gives you, how will you move forward once you have to choose for yourself? Steve will assist you as needed to develop your own plan along the way. Writing a meal plan FOR you though creates a dependency rather than teaching you how to manage your own nutrition.  There are plenty of people who will be happy to take your money forever. Steve measures his success by teaching you how NOT to need him.


Q: I don't cook. How will this work for me? 

A: That's ok! Not everyone has the time or desire to cook at home. You learn how to make better choices about what you are eating and when.  Even people who love to cook eat out some of the time.  Habit-based training helps you learn to succeed within the realities of your everyday life. 


Q: What if I don't have time to read a lesson every single day?

A: Do the best you can. If you have a completely crazy day and don't have two minutes to look at the app, you can always review previous lessons the next day. Focus on doing your habit.  

Q: I need to stop the program early. Is that ok? 

A: Ideally you will complete the program and be able to live the rest of your life managing your own nutrition.  We all have unforeseen circumstances pop up from time to time so cancelation policies are provided to cover that eventuality. If you have a concern all you have to do is email and we will help you with adjustments as needed. When you're ready to come back, Steve will be waiting.