Be Reasonable

Many people are taking this time in quarantine to work on their health and fitness goals.  Setting calorie targets is a popular approach.  If this is something you're considering, it is important to factor in your personal details before diving in. 

Many people have success reaching their goals using calorie targets. Before you decide to commit to a number, it is a good idea to do a little work to figure out what that really looks like. 

  • How much are you eating now?
  • Is the amount of food you're committing yourself to truly sustainable?
  • What kind of activities are you doing? 
  • Is the timeline you're giving yourself reasonable?

Look at the image above.  Notice the difference in quantity between the different plans. If you're currently eating 2,500+ calories each day do you think you would feel satisfied dropping down overnight to the 1,500 calorie plan? 


It will take a little work up front to figure out what your plan would look like but it is well worth the effort. Most people can manage a calorie restriction for a short period of time.  They will see results initially but end up right back where they started if the restriction is too great. The body will learn that they are trying to starve it and with each attempt it will be more and more difficult to see change as the body works to save itself from starvation by holding onto that extra fat. 


Take the time to choose a reasonable and healthy target.  Weight changes will be more gradual but they will also be more lasting.