Have a Backup Plan

Things happen all of the time that we didn't anticipate. When plans fall apart, it is easy to reach for the most convenient thing. Fast Food. Pizza. Gas station cupcakes. Things we know don't make us feel our best or support our goals.  


We can't always fall into that trap.  We need to be ready.


Expecting yourself to come up with an alternative in the moment is a lot to ask though.  So what can we do differently?


Have a Plan B already in place.

How do you do this?


Stock up your freezer.  Believe it or not, you don't even have to do any extra work to get this done.


Each time you make a meal, set aside a portion or two. You'll find that you have a selection of options in no time. No extra work. No extra planning. 


When things don't go as planned, open up the freezer and grab something from your stash. You can have a healthy dinner on your plate in a fraction of the time it would take to go through a drive-thru or wait for a pizza.  


When you're busy, tired, and/or stressed, it is natural to default to what is easiest. When you have a backup plan, you make it more convenient for yourself to make healthier choices. Those unhealthy choices start to look like more work in comparison. Your default option changes naturally.


This will not only help keep you on track with your health goals but it will also help save you the time and money you'd have wasted on those trips to grab "fast" food.  


Life is always going to be complicated.  Those complications don't have to get in your way.