Stop Making Excuses

We're our own worst enemies when trying to reach our goals. As a coach, I hear a lot of excuses. Life is complicated. There are always other demands being made of our time and energy. It is easy to let those things build up and not think of ways to get beyond them.


For example, a common excuse I hear is that "work is taking up all of my time".  Really? So if I follow you all day I won't find 10 or 12 minutes you could have used to get a tiny bit closer to your goal? You never checked Facebook or used the bathroom or watched a TV show or did anything but sit and stare at your work for every single second?    


In 2012 during the CrossFit open, the very first workout done by gyms all over the world was 7 minutes of burpees.  7 minutes isn't a lot of time. People were smoked though. I'm not saying you have to do 7 minutes of burpees. The point is that you can do a lot in a small amount of time.  Find your small amount. I promise you it is there somewhere. 


Something is always better than nothing. Think about what you CAN do today. Can you make your breakfast or lunch? Can you go up and down a flight of stairs during your lunch break? Can you choose to eat some greens at one meal? When we wait until tomorrow or Monday to do something, it just adds more pressure. One more thing to worry about. Does that sound positive to you? Skip that preparatory phase. You don't need it. 


I'll end this with one of my favorite commercials.  I recommend taking a few seconds to watch if you don't remember it. If you prioritize your goal, you'll find a spot for it in your life. Even if it is a small action every day. Just start. No excuses.