Take Your Time

I've been a fast eater since I was a kid. My mom would get angry with me when I'd come in from playing basketball and inhale my food so I could get back out there to play. 


Later I went into the military. We didn't have much time for meals and I sure wasn't going to be last.  We were taught to eat now and taste it later.  


Basically I wasn't eating in the healthiest of ways. I wasn't giving my body time to send signals to my brain that I was getting full or letting my food settle before doing something active.  This usually led to burping and indigestion.  As I got older, this became more of a challenge for my body to overcome. 


Nowadays I work with people who have similar challenges. We don't have time to waste slowing down to eat. We're always on the run and time is money right? 


There are always a lot of things going on around us.  Many of my clients are multitasking constantly.  Food is gobbled as quickly as possible between other activities.  Kids, co-workers, friends, and even watching tv can distract us from noticing what we're doing. Goals aren't met.  Discomfort prevents being as effective as possible. 


So what are some ways to help us slow down and give our bodies time to digest so they can let us know when we have had the right amount? 


  1. Set your fork down in between bites 
  2. Take a couple breaths between bites (pick a number and count them)
  3. Distraction free eating (no TV or cell phones)
  4. Use wine tasting techniques to eat your food:
  • Take a bite
  • What is the texture?
  • Chew slowly and try to identify the flavors
  • What do you think about it?  
  • If you're eating with your kids, ask them these questions too

These are just a few simple strategies that may help prevent going back for seconds that aren’t needed and relieve uncomfortable penalties (like heart burn) that accompany eating too fast.  


Letting your body catch up and tell your brain you are full will cut down on your calorie intake naturally while you still feel satisfied. 


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