Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the program work?  

A: Koski's Food Fight is powered by ProCoach and Meallogger.  The ProCoach software will deliver your plan in small, manageable pieces and allow you to track your progress on your own individualized dashboard.  During periods when closer oversight may be required, Meallogger may be used to record and evaluate meals without time consuming calorie counting.  Steve will oversee and adjust your program as needed.  

Q: How long will it take?

A: Creating sustainable new habits takes time.  A typical program will take 12 months to complete.  Your current status, goals, and level of effort will all impact your timeline. The introductory session exists to determine the option that will be the best for you.  


Q: How can you expect for me to stay on a diet for that long? 

A: We don't.  That's the point.  This isn't about going on a restrictive diet.  You are learning to adjust your habits to meet your goals at a reasonable pace, not to live on rice cakes and air.  The goal is to never need to "go on a diet" again. 


Q: Are you going to write a meal plan for me? 

A: No. Writing a meal plan creates a dependency rather than teaching you how to manage your own nutrition.  They have their time and place but not in this program. The goal here is that once your program is complete, you will be able to maintain/progress on your own.  If you're told exactly what to eat instead of learning why/how to interpret the feedback your body gives you, how will you move forward once you have to choose for yourself? 


Q: I don't cook. How will this work for me? 

A: That's ok! Not everyone has the time or desire to cook at home. You learn how to make better choices about what you are eating and when.  Even people who love to cook eat out some of the time.  Habit-based training helps you learn to succeed within the realities of your everyday life. 


Q: Do I need a private session? 

A: The private sessions listed in the online store can provide a boost or provide some in-depth preparation for a special event but are not required.  In general, you should feel free to reach out to Steve with any questions, requests, and/or concerns as needed through ProCoach or email as part of your program.


Q: I need to stop the program early. Is that ok? 

A: Ideally you will complete the program and be able to live the rest of your life managing your own nutrition.  We all have unforeseen circumstances pop up from time to time so cancelation policies are provided to cover that eventuality. If you have a concern all you have to do is email and we will help you with adjustments as needed.