Koski's has helped me to lose 15 pounds and several inches since I started in January while eating more than I ever have! I also have had more energy to complete my workouts sometimes making it to the gym 7 or 8 times in the week! It's really easy to digest and I feel like I'm learning a lot!

~Michael Bigelow, Teacher, Chicago, IL.

I have been a competitive athlete most of my life and proper nutrition has always been a challenging battle for me. I have tried countless diets, worked with multiple people, and found both success and failure along the way, including over a year of truly disordered eating. The greatest lesson I have learned through all of these experiences is that nutrition is extremely personal. What works for one person may not work for the next, which can make the process incredibly frustrating if you do not have people on your team who understand that concept. 


I have finally found the nutrition team that works with my goals, my lifestyle, and my personality. Koski's Food Fight has helped me to develop a plan that I can actually live with. I have enough freedom with what I eat that I feel balanced rather than restricted and I get the tough love and accountability when I take my freedom a little too far.  Above all, I have seen steady and maintainable results. My performance has improved (which is my main goal) and I have the added bonus of feeling more and more confident in my own body.

~Anna Rode, CrossFit Coach and Competitive Athlete, Indianapolis, Indiana